In the September issue of the NGO Reporter, I wrote about the importance of Partnership and the 17th Sustainable Development Goal.  In my on-line research I found the UN SDG Partnership Guidebook which is a comprehensive view of how we must cooperate on an international level to achieve the Goals.  To find the Guidebook on line just Google the title.

The SDG Partnership Guidebook offers assistance to establish partnering methods for NGOs as well as the public and private sectors. If we are to achieve the goals by 2030, we must recognize that they are interconnected and that we must work in partnership to achieve major societal change. 

The central concept is that we must no longer think in terms of supporting individual actions for a single SDG, but rather in terms of cooperation on all the SDGs in each of three major categories, 1. Prosperous Economy (4 goals), 2. Thriving Society (6 goals) and 3. Healthy Environment (4 goals). 

Following these guidelines, in 2021 GNEC will organize on-line conferences to will highlight these partnerships.

Fannie Munlin

President, Global NGO Executive Committee