Goodbye and Hello

My dear friends.  It is quite a change for me to say goodbye to the task of preparing the successful NGO Reporter, which I attempted to carry out with love and passion during each issue preparation for well over a decade now.
Simultaneously, I greet hello to all our subscribers and friends around the world for the first time as the incoming president of the GNEC.  I am humbled and honored to accept this responsibility; it is my hope to create an active base for development that would seek to benefit many among our potential constituents.  I know quite well that COVID has left many of us broke and broken – but the time is approaching for us all to build back better and I want you to know that this GNEC board will be there for your associated NGO in any way we are able.  We hope to amplify your voices, be they needing support, announcing new work, or seeking collaborative partners to help get your programming or administration back into full swing.
In late August, we will be sending out a survey to ask you how your NGO fared during COVID and how we may be of greater service to you in the future.  We hope you will take a few moments to reply when it arrives.
For now, I wish you all the very best and look forward to your correspondence and finding ways in which the GNEC may assist you  – and especially in finding ways we may all grow together in service to civil society and the goals and vision we NGOs share with the United Nations Department of Global Communication.
Peace be with you; and let’s make some good work together in coming years!

Patrick Sciarratta

President, Global NGO Executive Committee