GNEC Elections 2021

Presenting newly elected board members:


Patrick Sciarratta

2nd Vice President:

Nadine Clopton

Directors (8 Positions):

Dr. Constance (Connie) Sobon Sensor
Wayne Charles II
Amb. Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE
Ms. Bircan Ünver, M.A.
Noël Bonam
Dr. J. Nadine Gracia
Aimée Quinlan
Ediola Pashollari

*1st Vice President Padmini Murthy will continue her service for one additional year.



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2021 Annual Meeting

Thursday, June 24, 2021, 3 p.m. EDT

Results from GNEC Elections 2021 were officially announced.



Polls Open: 9pm EDT on May 10, 2021

Polls Closing: 9pm EDT on June 9, 2021

**Voters who don’t file their biennial reviews submitted by Saturday, June 19, will lose their votes! Please don’t miss this deadline!

*Some voters have trouble receiving our emails. For a limited time, please text us at 1379461107 or use Twitter private message to @NGOsAtUN if you don’t hear back by email.


Instructions for Voters

Get to know the Candidates!

Pictures & Statements from our 21 candidates

*one page view of all candidate photos*

If your organization should have been qualified to vote and did not receive emails from  or with unique credentials to vote, check the spam/junk/promotion folders.

Then, please file a Ballot Request

Please use this form to make sure that we have the correct email address for your organization’s head representative or designated voter. This will improve our database for future elections.

So far, we have processed all the requests made by June 9, 9p.m.

Organizations who missed the biennial review deadline have been notified of a 72-hour window to make up the report after successfully voting in the 2021 GNEC elections. We have sent the link for the special submission 3 different ways. Please alert us if you have not received an email. DGC must approve a CSO’s report before its ballot can be officially counted in the 2021 GNEC Election.

Follow GNEC on social media:

Twitter: @NGOsAtUN

Instagram: @ngoexecom

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

Positions being voted on

(July 1, 2021 – June 30, 2023 term)



【Director】 (8 seats)

Voting is taking place from May 10 – 9p.m. EDT of June 9, 2021.

Election results will be announced at the June 24 Annual Meeting.

Nominations Closed at 5pm EDT, on March 31.

Nominations Form

All supplemental materials must have been submitted to before 5 p.m. EDT (UTC-4) of March 31, 2021.

You should receive a confirmation email from the GNEC Nominations & Elections Sub-committee for each submission before April 2, 2021.

~Frequently Asked Questions~


Who is eligible to vote?

Each organization associated with DGC gets one ballot. The ballot will be counted if the organization completes its biennial review within the required time. For those who missed the general deadline, submit the ballot as usual and look out for a notification to make up the biennial review. There will be a 72-hour window provided to complete a special filing. If the report is approved by DGC, your ballot will be processed.

Where is the actual Ballot?

What are the campaigning guidelines for candidates?

GNEC will post standardized promotional materials for all candidates. Beyond that, candidates are free to campaign however they like, as long as no GNEC resource is used.

What should I do if I’m having trouble accessing the Ballot Request Form?

If clicking “Ballot Request Form” doesn’t work for you, try pasting this url into any browser:

If you cannot access google forms, please contact us at and simply provide your main representative’s (or designated voting representative’s) name and email address.

What responsibilities do these positions entail?

For full detail, please review the GNEC bylaws and policies & procedures.


What should I do if I’m having trouble accessing the Nominations Form?

If clicking “Nominations Form” doesn’t work for you, try pasting this url into any browser:

If you cannot access google forms, please contact us at and we can provide you with the questions in full text or picture. Whatever may work better for you.


What materials are required in the Nominations Packet?

A complete Nominations Packet includes: the completed google form (requiring a <250-word candidate statement),  a picture of the candidate, a resume of the candidate, and an endorsement confirmation from the head of the candidate’s organization (which must be DGC-associated and in good standing). Supplemental materials must be emailed to before 3/31, 5p.m. EDT.


What information should the Candidate Statement cover?

The Candidate Statement will be shown on the ballot and will be the primary way voters can get to know each candidate at the time of voting. Try to address these questions:

1.What are your objectives in working with the Executive Committee?

2.How do you plan to contribute to the success of the organization?

3.What advice would you provide to GNEC to improve the organization?

4.Describe your prior experience working with representatives from UN Member States, UN Agencies and the DGC.


What kind of picture would work well?

The candidate picture will be shown on the ballot. So, show the voters the candidate’s best side! The space for the picture is not very big, so a headshot would probably look better. However, this is the candate’s opportunity for a visual showcase, so, as long as it’s not inappropriate, the candidate can choose whichever picture they prefer.


What information should the endorsement letter contain?

The endorsement letter should come from the head representative of the candidate’s organization and confirm the following:

-the organization’s name
-the organization is associated with DGC and has had its 2021 biennial review approved.
-the name of the main representative and the email address to be used for contact
-the name of the candidate
-the candidate is a DGC-acknowledged representative of the NGO
-the organization supports the candidate in running
It would also be fantastic if the letter is on the organization’s letterhead, but this is not required.