The Global NGO Executive Committee is comprised of eighteen representatives elected by organizations officially associated with the United Nations Department of Global Communications (DGC).

The Executive Committee was founded to promote a closer working relationship between the United Nations and the NGOs associated with UN DGC. GNEC acts as a liaison between the NGO community and UN. It helps constituents make more effective use of their association with the UN DGC.

In partnership with the UN DGC, the Executive Committee organizes the annual UN Civil Society Conference (formerly known as the UN DPI NGO Conference), at the UN Headquarters or abroad, which facilitates collaboration among NGOs, empowers civil society, and increases public understanding of the United Nations’ critical efforts on issues of economic and social development, climate justice, human rights, the rule of law, peace-building, and other SDGs. This event is an important opportunity for NGOs from all around the world to network and promote the efforts of their organizations.

The Executive Committee also provides civil society with abundant opportunities to become more knowledgeable about the UN and the NGO sector through its popular Communications Workshops and other activities throughout the year