Gathering Perspectives from the Global NGO Community 

Celebrating the 76th Anniversary of the United Nations – and 29 years of connecting NGOs, the Media, and Civil Society networks worldwide to the work of the Global NGO Executive Committee and issues related to UNDGC Affiliates.



Please refer to the article submission guidelines for the NGO Reporter below.

The article should be:

  • 500-800 words – Lead paragraph will be published with a link on the NGO DPI site, or the site of the NGO, for the rest of the article
  • Event-oriented or Explanation of Mission/Vision in a relevant tone, highlighting recently past or upcoming events
  • In the context of the relationship between the associated NGO and the UN (with DPI, or ECOSOC, as appropriate)

The article should not contain any of the following:

  • Advertorial/for-profit message
  • Information unrelated to the work of the NGO in relation to the UN
  • In appropriate information or language, specific political or religious advocacy

The article can be a:

  • Personal Essay
  • Op-ed
  • Narrative

Here are some guiding topics to help you get started:

  • Actions you have taken to address the issues presented/discussed at the UN, especially at UN DPI or part of ECOSOC discussions
  • How the UN has shaped or changed your NGOs thinking about UN issues: the MDGs, the Post-2015 Development Agenda, pending debates, etc
  • Your perspectives on the UNs global development goals and challenges
  • Experiences with community action of any kind by your NGO in relation to UN goals or challenges
  • Stories about global friendships and collaborations which started at UN Conferences, etc
  • Submit articles in Word (.doc) format to this address with the subject line “NGO Reporter: Title of the Article“. Once reviewed, it may take about 7 business days until the article is acknowledged as received and a decision is provided as to its use in the NGO Reporter.

Along with the article, kindly provide a brief description about the author (1-2 sentences), together with relevant information such as a website link, a Twitter handle, and other contact information, if applicable.

Exhaustive investigations demonstrate that a Volume of the NGO Reporter, under Founder and former Editor Dorrie Weiss, was in its fifth year in 1997. Begun in 1992, then, that would make 2021 its 29th consecutive year of publication. Its free subscriber list includes NGO leaders associated with UNDGC (see above), as well as UN and other media, and all those interested in UN-related, NGO activities at UNHQ and worldwide that are created or promoted by the Global NGO Executive Committee, editor, staff.
Prior to her passing, Ms. Weiss mentored Patrick, as Editor, who has remained at the helm through the present issue! To all our volunteers, especially those on the NGO Reporter Sub-Committee, we remain eternally grateful.