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2021 Director Candidate: Yen Chou

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Candidate: Yen Chou

Organization: Chinese American Parent-Student Council of New York City Inc.

Candidate Statement:

My objectives working with the GNEC is to broaden the scope of understanding between NGOs and the UN through the engagement of more NGOs to join the DGC to not only actively amplify the work and messaging of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, but also contribute towards its advancement as it is critical now more than ever as society looks to rebuild and recover from this pandemic.

Throughout my years as an educator, entrepreneur, community leader, and nonprofit executive, I believe that empowerment should be intertwined when addressing issues and inequities that  humanity is facing. I hope to be given the opportunity to serve and work closely with the GNEC in empowering  NGOs,  equipping them with skill-sets to prosper within the UN community in taking substantial action to push the achievement of the SDGs within their own constituency and help reclaim the decades of progress that we have lost amidst the pandemic according to the 2021 Financing for Sustainable Development Report. 

It has been a great opportunity to understand the mission and  work of various UN agencies in advancing the Global Goals and  implementing it locally and internationally,  such as sponsoring the Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue and the Global Mazu Cultural Forum.

I believe GNEC should  reinvent itself in order to bring value to NGOs, utilizing the experience, knowledge, and guidance of the Committee effectively to inject a much needed impetus in fostering new working relations between NGOs and the UN as well as look to strengthening existing ones.

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