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2021 Director Candidate: Wayne Charles II

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Candidate: Wayne Charles II

Organization: Rotary International

Candidate Statement:

I am serving my fourth term as the Alternate Representative to the UN in New York on behalf of Rotary International, a DGC-associated NGO in good standing. I reside in Manhattan, New York, which offers great accessibility to the UN Headquarters.    

My main objective to join the GNEC as a Director is to further promote the civil society efforts of member NGOs that coincide with the 17 UN SDGs. I will utilize my access to Rotary’s worldwide membership of 1.2 million “people of action.” Rotary’s strength is in its vast global membership composed of, but not limited to, members with NGOs and positions within the United Nations. Rotary members carry out sustainable humanitarian projects that support the SDGs through our seven Areas of Focus. Rotary frequently partners with other organizations as a way of maximizing resources, increasing the project’s impact, and ensuring its longevity. An added facilitator of global partnerships will be beneficial to the GNEC with member NGOs. My recommendation to the GNEC is further its virtual presence to foster new relationships with the UN and NGOs. 

I served on the roundtable sub-committee for the 2018 UN DPI/NGO 67th Conference. I contributed to the 2019 Rotary UN Day with 500 attendees that connected with DGC, UNICEF USA, and other UN agencies. I am the co-chair of a virtual event with a target audience of 750 attendees celebrating the 75-year relationship between the UN and Rotary with appearances by Stéphane Dujarric, (Spokesperson for the UNSG) and USG Melissa Fleming.

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