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2021 Director Candidate: Rosemary Barberet

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Candidate: Rosemary Barberet

Organization: International Sociological Association

Candidate Statement:

My objectives in working with the Executive Committee are to ensure that civil society organizations have a clear voice in the United Nations system.  I plan to contribute to the success of the organization by using my language skills (besides English, Spanish and French) to ensure the inclusion of all CSOs, not just English-speaking ones.  

I am keen to work as well on the broader goal of educating the civil society community about the work of the United Nations and ensuring that CSOs play their part in educating society about the United Nations and the importance of supporting the work of the UN.  

I have  routinely attended sessions of the Commission on the Status of Women and the Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, along with other UN events, for over ten years.  

My research, particularly my research on women, has covered the work of the United Nations and as a professor of sociology and international criminal justice, I teach young people about the work of the United Nations.  

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