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2021 Director Candidate: Radzhiv Valiev

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Candidate: Radzhiv Valiev

Organization: Interregional Public Charitable Organization of Assistance to Persons with Disabilities “SAIL OF HOPE”

Candidate Statement:

Valiev Radzhiv Abdullaevich, as a young experienced specialist, will strengthen and develop relations and popularize the missions of NGOs. Education and experience gained in the non-governmental sector as a leading specialist in international relations and sustainable development will guide the success in the executive committee by developing proposals, implementing projects and attracting funds for the statutory activities of the committee. 

As an Economist, Entrepreneur, Public Figure, Philanthropist with 3 International University degrees, he fully supports the UN mission in the development of SDGs 2030. The development of this sector in the face of constant changes and globalization requires a flexible, energetic team that is able to lead in cooperation, generation of ideas and implementation for universal future. 

The 2030 Agenda for the New Decade dictate new rules and new approaches that need to be strategically implemented. Radzhiv has his personal experience of interacting with the UN around the world, holding various round tables, forums, participating in expert platforms. 

Just last year before the Pandemic began, he participated in the 58th UN session in official events such as: 1.Lampa International Social Film Festival 2. Decent Life for All, Russian Approach 3. Regions of the Russian Federation & Sustainable Development Goals.

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