This year has been difficult for all peoples, nations, and families with the spread of Covid-19 and economic distress in its wake. But my message today is hope and Perseverance. Why perseverance? Because perseverance gives us the ability to make changes in our lives which we often think are impossible to achieve.
Consider our creativity in using technology to keep our service programs operating. Our new ways of communicating with co-workers, families, and friends have extended our outreach to people around the world and promise to continue growing our active membership in the global NGO community. Perhaps the most important thing that we have learned is that our role as individuals and organizations is key to curbing the spread of Covid-19 as we persevere in following the advice of scientists, to wear masks, distance from others, washing hands and more.
I vividly remember the one word my father would always use when I had a problem that I thought was unsolvable. “Persevere, Fannie, in following the straight path,” he would say. At that time in my life, it gave me little support. But, this Pandemic has brought that word to the forefront of my thinking. I believe that if we persevere long enough, we will achieve our goals of eliminating this disease worldwide and moving ahead with new technology to make the world a more equal and inclusive place.
I believe that “We the Peoples” are well positioned now to make long-wished-for fundamental changes in society when we put aside our fears, set our goals and Persevere.
Ms. Fannie Munlin
President, GNEC