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NGO Reporter Article Guidelines

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The article should be:

• 500-800 words – A lead paragraph will be published with a link to the NGO/DPI site, or the site of the NGO, for the rest of the article
• Event-oriented or Explanation of Mission/Vision in a relevant tone, highlighting recently past or upcoming events
• In the context of the relationship between the associated NGO and the UN (with DPI, or ECOSOC, as appropriate)

The article should not contain any of the following:
• Advertorial/for-profit message
• Information unrelated to the work of the NGO in relation to the UN
• In appropriate information or language, specific political or religious advocacy

The article can be a:
• Personal Essay
• Op-ed
• Narrative

Here are some guiding topics to help you get started:
• Actions you have taken to address the issues presented/discussed at the UN, especially at UN DPI or part of ECOSOC discussions
• How the UN has shaped or changed your NGOs thinking about UN issues: the MDGs, the Post-2015 Development Agenda, pending debates, etc.
• Your perspectives on the UNs global development goals and challenges
• Experiences with community action of any kind by your NGO in relation to UN goals or challenges
• Stories about global friendships and collaborations that began at UN Conferences, etc.
• Submit articles in Word (.doc) format to this address with the subject line “NGO Reporter: Title of the Article”. Once reviewed, it may take about 7 business days until the article is acknowledged as received and a decision is provided as to its use in the NGO Reporter.
• Along with the article, kindly provide a brief description about the author (1-2 sentences), together with relevant information such as a website link, a Twitter handle, and other contact information, if applicable.