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Africa Input/Netwoking Group Survey Letter

By July 8, 2015No Comments

Valerie Obot, M.D. Regional NGO Coordinator, Nigeria

Over 60 participants gathered at the Africa Input/Networking Group’s session last August, sharing insights about the future of grassroots, community based, religious and professional organizations in Africa. After the meeting, the Conference Sub-Saharan Africa Committee created a Google group for attendees to remain in communication. We encourage you to continue to use it as a tool to establish new partnerships amongst your NGOs and to share lessons learned and best practices. Please log on to the Google group at:!forum/ngosofafrica.

In fulfillment of our pledge at the conference, I ask you to fill out the attached survey.  It will help us better understand how we can support your affiliation with UNDPI and facilitate your partnerships with one another. The survey results will be sent to you as quickly as possible, and shared with DPI/NGO Relations at Headquarters in New York. If you have any questions about the survey, feel free to contact Kibra Yohannes, the Survey Project Coordinator, at:

Valerie Obot, M.D.
NGO/DPI Regional NGO Coordinator in Nigeria
Medical Women’s Association of Nigeria (MWAN)