NGO DPI Executive Committee meeting with NGOs – 24 Nov. 2014

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The Executive Committee held a meeting on 24 November 2014 with NGOs associated with DPI to provide an opportunity for dialogue about common interests and concerns.  It is the intention to hold similar meetings on a regular basis in the future.

Highlights of meeting:

  1. 2015 UN/DPI Conference – decision on location is awaited from DPI.  Email will be sent to all NGOs associated with DPI to solicit suggestions for theme.
  2. Future Conferences Subcommittee will review lessons learned from the 2014 Conference and come up with suggestions for more effective organization of Conferences.
  3. NGOs should start thinking about nominating a chair for the 2015 Conference – as soon as location and theme are known, a call for nominations will be sent to all NGOs associated with DPI.
  4. Necessity for fundraising.  There are no membership fees for association with DPI – funds for the work of the Executive Committee come from the fee charged to its18 members ($200 per year), which are insufficient to cover its running costs (Constant Contact, P.O.Box for mail, bank fees, stationery and photocopying, accountant, rental of space for events etc. and especially expenses associated with organization of the Conference). Information on Fundraising events will be put on website. NGOs are urged to contribute to help the Executive Committee meet its responsibilities in representing them.
  5. Youth Committee organized, on 20 November, a briefing for youth representatives by the Office of Human Resources Management about working at the United Nations.
  6. Communications Workshop will be held on 17 May 2015 in collaboration with DPI – NGOs encouraged to suggest specific topics.
  7. NGOs should also think about nominations for membership on the Executive Committee – call for nominations for position of Chair, Secretary and 7 positions of Directors will be sent out early February.
  8. NGOs urged to join Subcommittees (terms of reference on the website).
  9. Ways need to be found to engage United Nations Information Centres in work of NGOs abroad.
  10. NGOs encouraged to communicate with Executive Committee (email address: ngodpiexecomm@gmail.com) with suggestions and ideas on how we can all work together more effectively to promote the United Nations.
  11. Executive Committee will provide more information on its website on a more regular basis, and make greater effort to reach out to all NGOs associated with DPI around the world.


Many participants expressed appreciation for the meeting and for the information provided.  Thanks were expressed for the Executive Committee‘s transparency and efforts to engage more with NGOs.



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