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Remembering Catherine White

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Remembering Catherine White

Vice-Chair, NGO/DPI Executive Committee

Last June, after a short illness, the very beloved Vice-Chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee, Catherine White, passed away.  She was remembered at a moving memorial at the United Nations Chapel, where family and friends from all phases of her remarkable and productive life gave tributes. She was particularly honored by her many United Nations friends and colleagues.

Although Catherine had a long career in advertising, public relations and talent recruiting in New York and California, she was always involved in one way or another with the United Nations. Following her retirement, she plunged into work as an NGO representative for Women in Radio and Television at the UN.  She joined the Board at UNIFEM, was selected President of the Southern New York Division of the UNA and elected a Director and subsequently a Vice-Chair of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee.

Catherine brought her unique skills, good sense and life experience to the Executive Committee.Her crowning contribution turned out to be her work as Chair of the Committee’s Communications Sub-Committee Workshops.  She assumed her role just as Social Media exploded on the scene. Now, communications skills included new words and expressions such as text, twitter and face book, a “natural” for youth, but strange concepts to many. Catherine recruited the most capable and knowledgeable experts in this emerging Social Media field and thereby appealed to a new audience of NGOs.

We miss you Catherine and remember you with affection and love. We are grateful for your years of friendship and guidance.

Joan Levy

NGO Reporter Editorial Board and Friend