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From the Chair – Anne-Marie Carlson

By November 11, 2014No Comments
There were a number of highlights at the UN DPI/NGO 65th
Conference - 2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda — held 27-29 August 2014 at
United Nations Headquarters. Here are some that I feel were most noteworthy —
Anne-Marie Carlson

Anne-Marie Carlson

  • Having approximately2500 NGOs – the largest attendance ever — representing about 100 NGO organizations around the world coming together at the UN after an absence of 7 years;
  • Being part of the many enlightening sessions and excellent workshops offered providing new thoughts, directions and opportunities;
  • Hearing the excited buzz coming from the many corners of UN HQ as NGOs networked with others and seeing the many smiles as they moved together from place to place;
  • Uniting under the banner of the conference declaration on ways to move forward.

Let’s keep that declaration – — in the forefront. (It appears in several languages on this website.) Here I am urging you to utilize it and share it widely in your own communities and as much as possible, throughout the world. Do report back to us on related initiatives and activities, as a follow-up to the conference.

In addition, your NGO/DPI Executive Committee has embarked on some new endeavors to assist in the raising of needed conference funds. They range from targeted fund raising letters to appeals for major funders and from special events to unique travel experiences.

The first, a fund-raising appeal to all NGOs was already shared in a Constant Contact mailing distributed on 8-9 November. It can be seen on our website – . Your response is very much needed, so please follow thru as soon as possible.

The other items are being finalized and should be released shortly. They are being designed to appeal to your interests and to help us all move ahead more effectively.

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Anne-Marie Carlson

Chair, NGO/DPI Executive Committee

Representing The Delta Kappa Gamma Society International