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UNCTAD Conference

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The United Nations at 70 Making a Difference

Committee on Teaching About the United Nations’

Sixteenth Annual Conference at the UN

Friday, 30 January 2015

Join us as we celebrate the “only Organization that has the worldwide membership (193 nations), the global reach and universal legitimacy” to tackle today’s many international concerns.” Learn how the United Nations was founded, what has changed over these seventy years as the UN has adapted to each succeeding decade and what the future holds as it goes forward with new goals for “2015 and Beyond.”

The all-day event will be opened by a high ranking UN Official. The morning panel will focus on Peace and Security while the afternoon panel will deal with the Humanitarian efforts of the UN.

Historical aspects of the creation of the UN, spotlights on Heroes of the UN and educational programs by the UN will be featured. Best Practices awards and Poster Contest winners will be announced.

Check out for more information and registration materials.

Special group rates are available.