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UN DPI/NGO Conference

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27-29 AUGUST 2014

Title: 2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda

Theme: The role of civil society in the post-2015 development agenda

Concept Note: Excerpts  

The 65th Annual Conference will take place at a critical time in the post-2015 process. As the international community strives to achieve the Millennium Development Goals while formulating the post-2015 development agenda including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), 2015 is recognized to be a once-in-a-generation opportunity for transformational change.

The Conference shall provide an inclusive space for the expression of a diversity of views, with a focus on ensuring that marginalized voices are heard. It should be an opportunity for civil society to come together to support the post-2015 negotiations, and contribute to a successful post-2015 agenda and its implementation, including through informed and constructive dissent.

The Co-Hosts are the UN Department of Public Information and the NGO/DPI Executive Committee that represents more than 1,300 NGOs associated with DPI.

For more background information, please read the Conference Concept Note.