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Contribute to Your Conference

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Contribute to YOUR Conference 

Dear Readers and Friends,

As you now know, the 65th Annual United Nations DPI/NGO Conference will take place once again at UN Headquarters in New York City.  The Conference is titled “2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda” and will be held Wednesday, 27 August, to Friday, 29 August 2014.

Through the years, your generous contributions, tax deductible, where applicable, have helped ensure our success.  When we ‘Affiliates’ donate to the conference, we are helping to make our event experience richer and more useful to our own NGOs and the many constituents we serve.

Whether on the road, as we were for four years, or at UN Headquarters in New York, our host venue ensures that the basics are met for a successful and engaging conference.  However your support, and that of many other associates who donate personally to NGO DPI, enables us to afford to bring the best and most relevant speakers and workshop leaders to the conference, especially among those in least developed areas throughout the world; to prepare special events, for youth and other groups unable to otherwise network while at the conference; and help to ensure side-event workshop space and keep the cost of our one major reception affordable for all.

No other group or organization assists with these important elements within the conference so we encourage you to make a generous financial contribution by check, wire transfer, or online, at:

Please go online now and contribute.  In advance, we thank you for your contribution and continued support for and presence at the annual conference!

Sincerely yours,

Jeffery Huffines, Conference Chair

Anne-Marie Carlson, Chair, NGO/DPI Executive Committee

Please make checks payable to NGO DPI Executive Committee, in US dollars, payable on a US Bank, or use an international money order or MoneyGram.  Please write “65th NYC Conference” in the memo – and send checks to:

NGO DPI Executive Committee

3 Linwood Place

White Plains, NY 10606

For domestic and international wire transfer instructions, please contact Ms. Janet Salazar, NGO DPI Treasurer, at for further instructions.