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A Conversation with Jeffrey A. Brez, Chief, NGO Relations, Advocacy & Special Events

By May 13, 2014No Comments

Jeffrey BrezJeff Brez was appointed to his present position in late 2013 and he brings an impressive and extensive history of accomplishment to the NGO Relations Section. This includes ten years with the private sector broadcaster Fuji Television and another ten plus years of development and humanitarian work with UNDP, OCHA, UNICEF, IFAD and the World Bank, including in Albania during the Kosovo refugee crisis, and in Côte d’lvoire during the war there. His previous titles include those of television reporter and producer, Media Consultant, Senior Communication Officer, and Global Multistakeholder Consultation Coordinator.  He has worked on a wide range of thematic areas including anti-corruption, children’s rights, development and climate change and sustainable smallholder agriculture.

With all its scope, Jeff’s previous global experience makes him eminently qualified to take on this latest challenge as the Co-Chair of the Planning Committee for the 2014 DPI/NGO Annual Conference: 2015 and Beyond: Our Action Agenda, which is returning to New York City after an absence of seven years. When asked why it is important for NGOs and others in Civil Society to attend this three-day evetaking place at the end of August, Jeff replied that this year will be a big moment and the challenge, above all, is to ensure an inclusive planning process that leads to a credible Conference.

“I absolutely believe that the global community has an opportunity for once-in-a-generation change after the era of the Millennium Development Goals. Our Conference can help contribute to that. In order to have a meaningful outcome that leads to action,” Jeff said, “the Conference has to inspire attendees to create a global ‘buzz’ over the course of the three days so that civil society anticipates the outcome document and is motivated to take action.”

In order to make the Conference particularly meaningful, Jeff strongly recommended that all sub-committees and co-chairs have NGO representation, including youth, from different regions of the globe, with a wide range of expertise and perspectives. Jeff also stressed that there should be consensus on the objective of the final document so that it will be an effective civil society call to arms. Good advice indeed!

We look forward to Jeff’s leadership as Chief of the NGO Section and his invaluable experience in advocacy, humanitarian aid and development, which will contribute to a resounding, successful Conference and a promise of future exciting events for NGO Relations.

Welcome, Jeff.  We are glad you are here!

Joan Levy, NGO Reporter Editorial Board