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Welcome Hawa Diallo – NGO Relations Public Information Officer

By January 16, 2014No Comments

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Hawa Diallo was born in Sierra Leone and came to the United States when she was still in elementary school.  She graduated from college in 1986 with a degree in French with a concentration in Political Science, but with no firm idea of what to do next.  Since her father was a diplomat, it was natural for her to turn to a career in international affairs, and she decided to apply to the United Nations. She started out as a Tour Guide and then joined DPI as a Tour Guide Administrator. Thus began a diverse, adventurous career, starting as a Public Information Assistant in the Department of Public Information at the United Nations Headquarters in New York. Subsequently she was appointed to a post as Habitat Human Settlement Officer in Nairobi and later completed two peacekeeping assignments in Cambodia and Somalia.

Ms. Diallo returned to New York in 2010 and resumed working for DPI, first as UN Tour Coordinator, where she had an opportunity to meet and introduce people from all over the world to the United Nations.  Over the years she has especially enjoyed working with young people.  In June, 2013, Hawa was assigned to the NGO Relations Section, where her many responsibilities include planning the weekly Briefings, overseeing the Resource Centre, providing members of civil society with information on the myriad agencies and programs under the UN auspices and planning for the September 2014 DPI/NGO at UN Headquarters in New York City. It can truly be said that Ms. Diallo has devoted much of her professional life to fostering awareness of and interest in the work of the United Nations.

Hawa has two sons who keep her busy and in her limited spare time she enjoys reading and going to the movies.  Her future plans for the NGO Relations Section include global outreach, civil society partnerships and promoting activities for youth and women.

On behalf of the NGO/DPI Executive Committee and all the NGOs associated with the Department of Information, the NGO Reporter is delighted to warmly welcome Hawa Diallo and looks forward to a long and collaborative relationship.

Joan Levy

Contributing Editor