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In Mexico there are 59 NGOs associated with DPI. Most of these organizations are focused on education, health, employment and vulnerable groups. My work as Regional NGO Coordinator for Mexico during 2012 involved a wide variety of activities: providing information to NGOs that are interested in asscociating with DPI; supporting NGOs in filling out their annual reports; and strengthening communication between NGOs already associated with DPI and the NGO/DPI Executive Committee. In addition, I attended and participated in a number of events held by associated NGOs. I collected and updated information on  associated NGOs and identified and developed new lines of action and collaboration with civil society organizations in general.

In September, I plan to systematize an agenda of cooperation with and support for NGOs associated with DPI. I will continue to recruit new NGOs. With my NGO colleagues, we will develop public awareness campaigns on the work of the Executive Committee. Through information workshops on the work of the United Nations and the Executive Committee, we will attempt to link NGOs and NGO networks throughout the region and prepare a strategy for regional coordination.



Tendiendo Puentes

We at Tendiendo Puentes (Building Bridges) began our work in 1996, still young, and driven by the conviction that together we could make a better world through volunteer work grounded in the ideals of service and solidarity.


We adhere to the philosophy and principles of the United Nations and conduct activities in two areas: to provide assistance to the vulnerable, and to build citizenship through diverse activities. We support and promote the work of UN Agencies and Programs, particularly concerning democratic practices, youth, culture, rural development, security, administration and enforcement of justice.


Since 2007, we have promoted “Look Young”, where the ideals, energy and vision of Mexican youths are reflected through photography and realized though a Photo Contest, which is organized annually around a specific topic. This initiative is a joint venture with the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).


In 2009, we coordinated the National Committee for the 62nd Annual DPI/NGO Conference in Mexico City, “Disarmament Now: Let us Work for Peace and Development.” UN Secretary General Mr. Ban Ki Moon opened the conference. For this great event we were in close communication with the DPI/NGO Conference Planning Committee and collaborated with Maria-Luisa Chavez,  Maher Nasser and Chuck Hitchcock.


In 2010, we participated actively in the Forum of the World Youth Conference, held in Mexico City in honor of the International Year of Youth proclaimed by the UN General Assembly. It was a great event, made possible by the Government of Mexico in coordination with the UN system (mainly UNFPA), with the participation of more than 5000 young people from around the world.

Currently we continue to develop projects to benefit vulnerable sectors in Mexico in coordination with the UN system.


Jessica Rojas Alegría






NODO Mexicano is a civil association dedicated to research and prospective analysis of the different aspects of the 15 Global Challenges Goals. The Global Millennium Prize sponsored by the Mexican Node of the Millennium Project is the first ever worldwide competition for high school and university students to address the future. The competition invites students to write an essay on one of the Millennium Project’s 15 Global Challenges which cover sustainable development, water, democratization, information technology, population and resources, the status of women, energy, transnational crime, health, the rich-poor gap, decision making, science and technology, peace and conflict, long-term policy making, and global ethics. First place winners for each of the 15 challenges receive an International Certificate of Recognition, a trophy, and a laptop computer.

Other NODO Mexicano major initiatives and projects include: “Futures, the first global encyclopaedia prospective”, the Mexican Intelligence System for Global Futures, the Future Situation Index of Mexico, the Future of Female Leadership against Transnational Organized Crime, Latin America 2030, etc. These are all part of the NOD Mexicano Millennium Project. www.millennium-project.org.

NODO MEXICANO would like to link up with other NGOs and work towards common goals and objectives. It also seeks support from UN Agencies for its projects and programs.