Iranian NGO Mahak

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Mahak: a Pediatric Cancer Care Provider

MAHAK, the Society to Support Children Suffering from Cancer, was established over twenty years ago in Iran as an independent non-governmental charity with the mission to provide the highest standard of comprehensive service and welfare support for all the children with cancer and their families. It is the largest specialized pediatric charity cancer care provider in the Middle East. 

To date and under MAHAK’s coverage umbrella, close to 18,000 children of various nationalities and their families have benefitted from complete medical and psychosocial support in MAHAK hospitals. Under one roof, professionals and volunteers strive side-by-side to offer services ranging from in-patient care to out-patient medical and counseling services, from stem cell transplants to play therapy. They conduct advanced research in collaboration with domestic and international partners, offer teaching and training programs for parents and professionals, and provide hospice services for families coming from afar. The MAHAK charity care organization relies exclusively on public support provided through fundraising, cash contributions and in-kind donations of goods, services and technical expertise.

Due to the rise in the number of children with cancer across the globe, what matters most is to embark on a campaign of education and information sharing regarding early detection and possibly prevention of pediatric cancer, two very important areas permeating field research. Also, it is crucial to discover and utilize advanced fundraising methods to meet this growing humanitarian need. The overarching principles that guide MAHAK’s operations are transparency, accountability and integrity. For further information, please visit MAHAK’s website at www.mahak-charity.org.

Saba Kamkar

Head of Public & International Relations Department