Report from Jessica Rojas Alegria Regional NGO Coordinator / Mexico

By December 17, 2012No Comments

During 2012, the work of the Regional NGO Coordinator for Mexico focused on strengthening communication between Mexican NGOs associated with DPI/NGO. A closely-knit group of nine NGOs, dating from the DPI/NGO  September 2009 Annual Conference in Mexico City, continues to work to promote the goals of the United Nations Department of Public Information. In addition we also work in conjunction with the 59 Mexican NGOs associated with DPI.

In early 2012, we assisted associated Mexican NGOs in completing their annual reports and provided information and advice to NGOs interested in assocaiting with the Department of Public Informtion. In March, we participated, electonically, in the farewell tribute to Mr. Kiyo Akasaka. We also supported several activities organized by the UN System in Mexico, such as Interntional Women’s Day.

Currently, we are updating our directory and we have plans to hold regional workshops for NGOs associated with DPI. The great challenges for next year are to further develop communication in the region, strongly support preparations for an Annual Conference and continue our work to strengthen the family of NGOs associated with DPI / NGO worldwide.