NGO Youth Partnerships Youth NGO Representatives at the UN

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Does your NGO have a Representative at UN Headquarters in New York?  If not, the NGO/DPI Executive Committee is pleased to offer you an opportunity to have a university student be your eyes and ears at the United Nations during the period 1 January to 31 August 2013. The student will thus serve as your Representative at UN Headquarters. If you are interested, we will send you resumes of two university students from the Metropolitan New York City area and invite you to select the one you prefer. We will then put him/her in contact with you

The youth representative will:

*          Represent you at the as your NGO delegate,

*          Establish regular communication with you,

*          Become familiar with your NGO,

*          Attend weekly briefings of the UN Department of Public Information and other UN events of interest to you,

*          Send regular reports to your NGO about his/her activities,

*          Network with NGO representatives and UN officials on issues of interest to your NGO.

As part of this partnership your NGO must complete the necessary UN paperwork required by the UN Department of Public Information. Also, you must provide the student representative with information necessary to represent your NGO at the UN.

There will be no cost to your NGO. We do, however, request a recommendation letter for the student, assuming he/she completes the role in an exemplary manner.

To take advantage of this service please email:

NGO/DPI Executive Committee