DPI/NGO Relations Youth Outreach

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Arab Spring Youth

Arab Spring Youth at the UN


To support an increase in youth participation at the UN, the NGO Relations Section now offers several new opportunities for young people to get involved. Beginning last fall, two youth representatives (18 to 24 years old) have been added to each official NGO-accredited representation. They can attend weekly NGO Briefings and Communications Workshops, partake in the UN DPI/NGO Annual Conference, and become a member of the DPI/NGO Conference Planning Committee.

Additionally, the NGO Relations Section will host its first NGO Youth Orientation Programme on 20 April 2012 at UN Headquarters. Youth Representatives, in a closed meeting, will be briefed on the various youth-related programmes at the UN, security and access to the UN premises, and cooperation between DPI and its NGO partners.

We hope that this greater focus on youth will provide young people with a unique opportunity and inspiration to volunteer and share their ideas. We will encourage them to work at an intergenerational level with potential NGO mentors and become more involved in the work of civil society, particularly in their own communities.

Marienette Abadilla is the contact person for the Youth Program at DPI/NGO Relations. ( We look forward to expanding our youth initiative and encourage our DPI-associated NGOs around the world to include youth in their delegations.

Maria-Luisa Chavez,

Chief, NGO Relations, UN DPI