Jackie Shapiro

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   Jackie Shapiro was a Director of the Executive Committee for one year and is now     completing her fourth year as a Vice- Chair. She chaired the Communications for a year and has chaired the subcommittee on Future Conference for the last three years.  She is a member of the Bylaws, Fundraising, IT & New Media, and Nominations subcommittees.

Working together with the savvy other members of the Executive Committee and our closest partners, the UN DPI NGO Cluster, to enhance the understanding and participation of NGOs associated with UN DPI has been both challenging and fulfilling for Jackie. The Executive Committee also faced new responsibilities while the annual UN DPI Conference outside UN Headquarters for the last four years which were exciting to address and resolve. It’s been a great team effort!

Jackie considers that the Executive Committee needs to concentrate on enhancing our programs that bring more people from more places into our dialogues and activities. The Executive Committee is keenly aware of this challenge. We are developing new programs for young adults and strengthening our outreach abroad through our Outreach subcommittee and by re-focusing our website to bring NGOs from around the world into our UN family. We also need to offer more trainings, like our Communications Workshops, and networking opportunities for DPI NGOs, especially newly associated ones. People forget though that we are all volunteers and all our funds come from donations!