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2021 VP Candidate: Uwem Robert OTU

By May 10, 20212 Comments

Candidate: Uwem Robert OTU

Organization: African Youth Movement

Candidate Statement:

My objectives in working with the Executive Committee is to propagate the vision of the Executive Committee as a voice for the voiceless peoples. I want to keep contributing tangible ideas to promote our work on actualizing the SDGs.

In contributing to the success of the organisation, I plan to intensify the use of social media platforms to train and build capacity of NGOs globally to be better equipped for future unplanned eventualities. COVID19 has taught us that we live in a small inter-connected world where the dynamics of communication has shifted virtually.

My advice to this great organisation would be for us to mobilise local NGOs. The 19 May 2020 webinar we co-hosted with GNEC has proven that we need a strong regional liaison and network. We need to embrace programmes like the Innovation Academy series which we are participating in.

As a Director of the Executive Committee, I have met with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria to discuss Nigeria’s hosting of the Annual Conference. In 2005, 2014 I was a speaker at the Annual UNDPINGO Conference. In 2017, 1 was a Member of the Collaboration Committee for Civil Society Organisations for the United Nations Development System Review process convened by the United Nations Secretary General. In 2021, I was selected for the ONE on ONE with the President of the UN General Assembly on 19 February.


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