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2021 VP Candidate: Nadine Clopton

By May 10, 2021June 7th, 20212 Comments

Candidate: Nadine Clopton

Organization: Caring and Living As Neighbours

Candidate Statement:

In my past three years engaged with GNEC, I have taken “intergenerational partnership” from a concept to a deeply involved practice. Starting out as a Youth Chair and then becoming the first young person & NGO Youth Representative to be elected to serve as a fully-fledged Director, my work with GNEC thus far has taken the committee beyond youth engagement to a cultivation of a meaningful, sustained working relationship across generations. 

In my time on the committee, I established the Youth & Intergenerational Subcommittee and have dedicated my time towards amplifying voices from across civil society through a series of events, programs, and projects. This includes the UN 75 Dialogue on Climate Change & Resilient Communities and the ongoing Localizing Climate Justice Conference series where voices from BIPOC communities are centered. 

I have served Caring & Living As Neighbours (CLAN) as an NGO Youth Representative for the past half decade. I am deeply passionate about finding innovative ways for NGOs to connect with each other and the wider UN system. The voice of Civil Society is more important than ever before. It is by listening deeply to communities on the ground and the NGOs that serve these communities that we can achieve the UN SDGs in a way that is rooted in justice. 

If elected to serve another term on GNEC, I will continue to expand the spirit of innovative intergenerational partnership through events, collaborative projects, amplifying NGO stories, and an ongoing celebration of the diversity that makes our global NGO community so incredible.


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