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2021 President Candidate: Patrick Sciarratta

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Candidate: Patrick Sciarratta

Organization: World Development Foundation

Candidate Statement:

Patrick Sciarratta is a respected leader, educator, speaker, and influencer.  For that reason, he wishes to bring his successful record to the Global NGO Executive Committee (GNEC) leadership, as President. He currently serves as an elected board member to the GNEC. In December 2020, Mr. Sciarratta led the wildly successful UNA online conference featuring well-known youth/arts influencers (14,000 registered); he provided the keynote address at the World Assembly of Youth Annual Conference: “Youth Deconstructing Fake News,” Malaysia, (22 June 2019). 

For over two decades, he has acted as Editor of the NGO Reporter, disseminated by the GNEC to thousands of UNDGC affiliates worldwide. Patrick is Project Director for all World Development Foundation programming at UNHQ.  Mr. Sciarratta was named by UNDGC as Media Co-Chair for the very successful UN 68th Annual Civil Society Conference, August 2019. Between 2002 and 2015, he founded, produced, and directed the Youth Assembly at the UN, during which he introduced former UN Youth Envoy Ahmad Alhendawi to the United Nations.

As Director of the InterArts Colony, near Woodstock, NY, he received the first-ever MacArthur (“Genius”) award presented to an NGO. In the 1990’s he was Presidential Representative to President Clinton.  At the turn of the century, Patrick created and led three youth-oriented, Flagship projects during UNESCOs Decade for a Culture of Peace (with hundreds of journalists and young diplomats involved, in Bulgaria, Romania, and Hungary) – as well as many other, similar programs at the UN and throughout the world. 

One Comment

  • Dear Patrick Sciarratta
    Have a nice day I am appreciate your work done for comunaty
    I am vote you and request you please rembember me and visit our country and work with us in pakistan
    Regards and advance congratulations
    Dr Qaiser Javaid
    Executive Director
    PLYC Pakistan

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