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2021 Director Candidate: Noël Bonam

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Candidate: Noël Bonam

Organization: Association For World Education

Candidate Statement:

I have been involved since 2009 and over the years, I have witnessed the vital role the Executive Committee has played in bringing the NGO community together and in representing the NGO community. I wish to work more directly with the Executive Committee and the organization by bringing my experience as an organizational strategist who specializes in collaborative leadership and equity activism, and the experience of working for over 23 years directly in the NGO and public sectors. Also, as bi-cultural South Asian, I believe I will add to the diversity of the Executive Committee. 

I think the organization is in an ideal position to offer sustainable leadership development opportunities to its members and partners from across the world (this is much needed in the NGO community). Also, in light of the recent racial reckoning (yet again) in the US and in other parts of the world, it is even more crucial now for the organization to take this on in a more direct manner and to offer a comprehensive platform to members to engage as allies and to address inequities by providing them concrete skills and tools (both dialogic and action-oriented). This has to be done in a collaborative manner by bringing ALL stakeholders together (a special effort should be made to engage atypical and marginalized stakeholders). 

As the Global President and main representative of the Association for World Education to the UN for nearly ten years, I have worked actively with UN DPI/DGC, ECOSOC, UNESCO and UNDP.

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