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2021 Director Candidate: Jason Hou

By May 10, 2021May 12th, 2021One Comment

Candidate: Jason Hou

Organization: Future China

Candidate Statement:

For me, cooperating with the Executive Committee is to promote FutureChina and Chinese NGOs in discussing international affairs, especially in the education sector. I plan to share the experience of our organization with more international non-governmental organizations and at the same time share the results we have achieved with similar organizations. Moreover, I hope to help organizations utilize various forms of social resources and achieve recognition for their work. 

My suggestion to GNEC is that I hope to attract more organizations to join and at the same time expand its influence on an international scale. It aims that to contribute more to the development of the world and the realization of SDG goals. Before that, I had participated in the UNMGCY online round table and had a brief understanding of the activities of the youth energy organizations of the BRICS countries.

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