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2021 Director Candidate: Dr. Leslie Popoff

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Candidate: Dr. Leslie Popoff

Organization: International Council Of Psychologists

Candidate Statement:

Through my professional training, work and volunteer experience I have developed a keen understanding of how psychological principles can support the attainment of the SDG’s and the UN agenda. I am committed to promoting the importance of psychology and how it can support and enhance the work of the GNEC. 

I believe I can also support the very successful communications workshops that the GNEC has offered, as well as facilitate the NGO collaboration that is key to the success of their shared goals. I have done this as the President of the Psychology Coalition of NGO’s Having Consultative Status with the UN Economic and Social Council (PCUN), an organization dedicated to promoting an understanding of psychological factors underlying various challenges and promoting human rights. PCUN presents the important annual event “Psychology Day at the United Nations”, which last year brought together 3000 international participants virtually. 

I am also a Representative to the UN for the International Council of Psychologists, an organization dedicated to promoting human rights and justice, and working to strengthen global collaborations.   

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