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2021 Director Candidate: Comfort B. Asanbe, Ph.D.

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Candidate: Comfort B. Asanbe, Ph.D.

Organization: American Psychological Association

Candidate Statement:

I am seeking your vote to serve as a director on the Global NGO Executive Committee (GNEC).  I am an American Psychological Association (APA) representative to the United Nations, with designation to the Department of Global Communications. Professionally, I am an associate professor and a licensed psychologist.  I have a special interest in decreasing stigma around mental illness and HIV/AIDS.  

I would contribute to the success of GNEC through bringing important psychological perspectives to social policy deliberations. I have specific skills in evidence-based interventions, planning conferences, reviewing abstracts, and moderating workshop panels.

A sabbatical year overseas exposed me to the vital role of NGOs in filling unattended social services gaps.  However, I observe that some well-intentioned NGOs duplicate services and can become territorial.  I would advise GNEC to foster cooperation among NGOs, recognizing that this is the most effective way to improve service delivery to low-resource communities. 

I have served as an APA Representative at the UN since 2017. This year, I am a co-chair of Psychology Day at the UN (https://www.unpsychologyday.com/), an event sponsored by UN Member States.  For the 68th UN Civil Society Conference, I served on the DGC Workshop Subcommittee, reviewing abstracts from NGOs worldwide, and presented in an APA workshop on reducing HIV/AIDS stigma.  Promoting UN events, I wrote articles in APA’s UN Matters column on World AIDS Day, and mental health as a human right. In summary, I believe the aggregate of my experiences would add meaningful contributions to GNEC.

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