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2021 Director Candidate: Amy Ai Banker

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Candidate: Amy Ai Banker

Organization: Pan Pacific and South East Asia Women’s Association USA

Candidate Statement:

I believe being a Director of GNEC would provide many opportunities for me to participate in activities leading to the achievement of SDGs and to collaborate with other NGOs to introduce the messages of DGC to a greater audience. As a representative of Pan Pacific and South East Asia women’s Association (PPSEAWA) International, founded in 1928 received Consultative Status with UN in1955. PPSEAWA is currently comprised of 23 member countries in Pan Pacific & South East countries as well as in Canada & Australia, I regularly interact with influential women from these countries. I keep up-to-date on issues by attending PPSEAWA International conferences that gather NGOs together for meetings, workshops and culture programs concerned with women issues and gender empowerment. my participation in these meetings allow me to highlight the message of women and girls empowerment in the SDGs.

My work with Working Group on Girls gives me the opportunity to help girls and adolescent girls worldwide, to witness how they blossom, develop confidence within themselves, take on leaderships, and are able to voice what they believe – it is especially gratifying to me.

Over my years being involved with the UN, I have worked closely with UNOP and UN Women. I attended many DGC (DPI) briefings, panel discussions, and special events. I have worked with many UN Member States through CSW Side Events. As a member of the GNEC Board, I could contribute my knowledge of issues as well as introduce many contacts with NGO communities in the Far East.

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