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2021 Director Candidate: Amb.Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE.

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Candidate: Amb.Olasubomi Iginla Aina MBE.

Organization: Light Up Foundation

Candidate Statement:

Recently nominated for her outstanding humanitarian work by the Prime Minister of the UK which led to her appointment as a MBE by H.E. the Queen of England – with this comes more international access and privileges which she intends to use to liberate the third sector (NGOs) through EC. 

As a philanthropist, humanitarian Activist and the Founder of Lightup Foundation: For close to 30 years, she has been involved with international development projects. Her professional experience will be of immense benefit to Global NGOs , relevant stakeholders & Executive Committee.

As a PhD student her research is tailored towards how the UN can achieve the SDG goals, obviously her research knowledge will definitely be used to boost the global work of the Executive Committee. 

With a Masters degree in Law (LLM), she will  observe and ensure all enterprises are conducted in accordance with the by-Laws, policies & procedures.

With her strong organizational skills and her exceptional creative nature, she will bring in ground-breaking ideas and creativity to the Executive team.

Advice to GNEC: 

More interactive online presence. (Monthly Programmes – Youtube TV & Podcast).

Recruit volunteers/influencers to engage global audience.

Experience with UN Agencies:

Olasubomi’s idea – Bag Of Hope (BOH) broke a Guinness World record. 

She uses BOH to create awareness on the UN child’s right with the UN  Arts Ambassador.

She has toured 7 out of 30 countries  and she consciously seeks to work with DGC organisations on her global BOH tour. 

Sub-committee member – UN Civil Society Organisation 68th Anniversary.  

She has supported DGC organisations like AFRUCA, ACDF LIGHTUP etc.

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