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2021 Director Candidate: Aimée Quinlan

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Candidate: Aimée Quinlan

Organization: The City College of New York NGO

Candidate Statement:

In working with the Executive Committee I aim to make the work of the Committee and the United Nations more accessible to civil society. Non-Governmental Organizations serve as a direct link between individuals and the United Nations, as such increasing awareness of what the Executive Committee does will be my top priority. In particular, I aim to improve intergenerational interaction. To achieve this I encourage the Executive Committee to put greater focus on educating the public about our work. 

As a youth representative, I am passionate about involving other young people in the work of the United Nations and know it is possible to achieve this through increasing events meant to engage youth representatives. Additionally I would want to hold more events prioritizing collaboration between different age groups. I will also push for greater outreach in this area. 

Through my experiences with Model United Nations, I know there is significant passion in young people for greater engagement with the United Nations, but often confusion on how to take the next step. This experience has also given me expertise in social media which I will use to further the goals of the Executive Committee. Tailoring certain events to encourage greater youth representative participation will help the Executive Committee raise public awareness of its goals along with international issues. 

I am passionate about advancing public knowledge about the United Nations and the role that the Global NGO Executive Committee plays in accomplishing this. 

My work with Working Group on Girls gives me the opportunity to help girls and adolescent girls worldwide, to witness how they blossom, develop confidence within themselves, take on leaderships, and are able to voice what they believe – it is especially gratifying to me.

Over my years being involved with the UN, I have worked closely with UNOP and UN Women. I attended many DGC (DPI) briefings, panel discussions, and special events. I have worked with many UN Member States through CSW Side Events. As a member of the GNEC Board, I could contribute my knowledge of issues as well as introduce many contacts with NGO communities in the Far East.

One Comment

  • Jane Quinlan says:

    Dear Aimée,

    I am impressed with your involvement with UN issues and model UN.
    I hope you are elected.

    I hold the same ideals you expressed.

    Sister Jane Quinlan, NGO rep for the Ursuline Sisters Congregation of Tildonk

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